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A thrash metal band from the Netherlands with heavy influences from the early eighties. With a clanky bass tone and heavy distorted guitars this band drives the early thrash metal back into the modern world. Tones heavily inspired by bands such as; Pantera, Metallica and Gojira. The overal tone lays more of a metal sound over the drums which gives the older thrash a more modern feeling.
The Dutch thrash metal band ‘Cellarpigs’ was formed in the spring of 2019 by the lead singer and bassist Nick Welles. At the time Nick played in a cover band (C-Strike) where he played bass and did back-up vocals. When his cover band was around for a little while, he decided to form a second band where he could make his own self-written music instead of covers.
When he got all the pieces together, he asked Luuk Faasen on a night out drinking, if he would like to play rhythm guitar. Without hesitation and a few beers in he said yes. Nick told Luuk that he wanted to ask the drummer (Luuk Thielen) and lead guitarist (Jeroen Verheijen) from No Permission. When hanging out on the same night with the lead singer of No Permission (Mees Stevens), he offered himself a spot as lead vocalist.
When the band came together and started rehearsing. Mees quit the band because he ran short on time. With Mees gone, Nick filled up the lead vocals.
Inspirations: Annihilator, Anthrax, Gojira, Havok, Megadeth, Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Testament.

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